Lori St. Martin, premier vocalist and keyboard artist in the Philly Metro and Jersey Shore scenes, is one of the most sought-after professional musicians in the local music industry. From casinos, to tribute shows, nightclubs to private parties, weddings to corporate events, Lori has captivated her audiences with her engaging smile, her energetic performance style and her extraordinary musical talent. Whether performing solo, with her duo partner or her band, she always makes the occasion a superb and memorable event!

Lori is highly regarded by fellow musicians for her ability to assimilate seamlessly with any band, when freelancing with her peers. She is the “go-to girl” for over a dozen bands, whenever they need a “top flight” professional to fill in. Sometimes to play keyboards, sometimes just to sing, and sometimes to “front” the band, or all three! Lori can jump in and play any song in any key, on the fly. She can sing any harmony or the lead vocal. Many bands consider her the MVP in the area.

Best known for her extensive repertoire that captivates all ages and encompasses all genres, with her amazing talent of matching the sound of many of the greatest female artists of all time. Her soulful vocals resonate through the classic Etta James to the iconic Lady Gaga. Whether Lori is emulating Carole King, Barbra Streisand, Whitney Houston, Janis Joplin, or Stevie Nicks, she amazes her audiences with the authenticity of her vocals, modifying her voice to sound more like the original artist. This talent has earned her the nickname “The Chameleon”.

Lori St. Martin on Stage

Perhaps one of Lori’s most outstanding talents is her uncanny ability to capture the pulse of every event so that the music she selects always fits the occasion perfectly. From the soft sounds of a cocktail hour or piano bar to the rockin’ hits of a dance party, Lori’s extensive experience shines through as she brings the perfect music to make the perfect event!